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"Zero Illness" at Muddy Paws

Members of ISSA - Young Executive Society

Graduation from ISSA Green Clean University

Cavalier Wins Praise from YMCA

Cavalier Joins HFI Advisory Board

We’re Walking the Walk!

Increasing Profit Margins for Small BSCs

Cavalier Creates Tailor Fit Trash Liner System, Solves Fit, Performance, Cost Issues

Cavalier’s CANISTER Conversion Recommendation Pays Off for Local University


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Cavalier’s Spring Give-a-Hand Project: Barraud Park

Cavalier Crew Cleans up Barraud ParkRecently, the Cavalier crew descended on Barraud Park in Norfolk and did our best impression of the cleaning tornado … all in conjunction with Keep American Beautiful and Keep Norfolk Beautiful.

We volunteered the time and donated these environmentally preferred products, including:

After an afternoon of hard work, we gathered over 400 pounds of litter, deep cleaned all the restrooms, and removed unsightly graffiti.

Each quarter, the “Cavalier Crew” donates time and resources to help in our community by cleaning and beautifying the spaces we all enjoy.

Have a suggestion for our next “Give-a-Hand” project? Give us a call today at 757.855.6091 or email us!

> View our "Give-a-Hand" Photo Album from Barraud Park

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Cavalier Inc. Delivers "Zero Illness" at Muddy Paws

Cavalier Animal FacilityMuddy Paws is a unique one-stop shop for dog owners that offers  grooming (including creative doggie spa packages), training, premium daycare (with dipping pools, summer ice cream days, and more), luxurious overnight boarding (with turn-down service and relaxing music) and retail sales of healthy dog and cat food, training accessories, and pet store items.

After embracing the Cavalier Inc. recommended maintenance plan, including Multi-Task Guardian CQ256 products, they have had ZERO ILLNESS … human, canine or feline!

The Multi-Clean Guardian CQ, Century Q 256 is designed for use in an Animal Care Sanitation Program.  It is a no-rinse, neutral pH, hospital grade disinfectant cleaner that disinfects and cleans in one-step. 

It is EPA registered to be effected against a number of canine and animal viruses including Canine Parvovirus-CPV, Porcine Parvovirus and Rabies. It is also effective against Avian Infectious Bronchitis virus Beaudette IB42, Avian Influenza A H5N1 and H3N2, Canine Corona virus, Canine Distemper virus, Feline Picomavirus, Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis, Pseudorabies, Swine Influenza A H1N1, Transmissible Gastroenteritis and Vaccinia virus.

Additionally, Muddy Paws has switched to green certified paper products and adopted the Cavalier “Tailor Fit” liner program. 

Call us for details about the Muddy Paws Zero Illness plan or visit our online catalog for more product details.

> Visit the Muddy Paws website

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Members of ISSA - Young Executive Society

ISSA-YESCavalier, Inc. is deeply involved with many organizations within the janitorial and maintenance supply industry, including the ISSA. 

Four of our key officers are members of the ISSA Young Executive Society, which is an initiative to develop the management and leadership skills of tomorrow’s industry leaders while enabling industry-wide discussion of best technology practices within the industry. 

Since Cavalier is a company with leadership under the age of 45, we are naturally extremely involved with ISSA YES.  We recently attended the YES Professional Development Program in Chicago, IL, which was a two-day program packed with educational sessions, networking opportunities, and management skill training.

Included in this year’s event were sessions addressing the use of technology to improve personal efficiency, and recognizing the most viable competencies and capabilities of our team for producing the best results for our customers.

> Read more about Cavalier’s involvement in ISSA Young Executives Society

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Cavalier Graduates from ISSA GCU – Green Clean University

ISSA_Green-Clean-University Several members of the Cavalier, Inc. team have completed coursework in the ISSA Green Clean University and are now certified ISSA Green Cleaning Professionals. 

This education furthers our commitment to tap into various resources for green training so we are best prepared to provide our customers with the most effective and environmental solution to their cleaning and maintenance needs.

In the process of earning the designation of ISSA Green Cleaning Professional, we completed coursework including:

  • Conducting a Green Building Audit
  • Understanding the US Green Building Council and LEED Rating System
  • Green product integration and bundling for maximum effectiveness
  • Green cleaning in educational venues
  • Understanding local, state, and federal green programs

In addition to our certification as an ISSA Green Cleaning Professional, members of the Cavalier team also hold a number of other designations and certifications specific to green cleaning and healthy facility maintenance.

> Read more about Cavalier’s involvement in ISSA Green Clean University

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Cavalier Wins Praise from YMCA

YMCA logoWhen you have the 9th largest YMCA membership in the country with 26 family centers in operation, the savings in time, labor, and materials can add up quickly.

The YMCA of South Hampton Roads Association partnered with Cavalier in 2010, and quickly discovered the many benefits of relying on our expertise, product lines, and customer service all of which surpassed their original expectations.

The YMCA’s Association Property Director recently wrote to us about the Y’s experience in working with our team.  He writes,

“What we have received in the last two years has been so much more, we have receive a true partner in business and a relationship that will endure much further than any business agreement can provide.

“Cavalier has stream-lined our products and purchases, offering competitive pricing and unparalleled logistic services. 

They have followed that up in the most efficient, cost-effective way.”

It is our commitment to each of our customers to deliver extraordinary service and assist them to clean healthier and more economically.

> Read the full YMCA letter

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Cavalier Joins HFI Advisory Board

Healthy Facilities Institute LogoCavalier, Inc. is proud to announce its affiliation with Healthy Facilities Institute by accepting a position on its Vendor Advisory Board.  In this position, Cavalier will provide valuable insight regarding green policies, procedures, and new products. 

We are in a unique position, as through our customer relationships we are able to witness first-hand what green facility maintenance practices are appropriate for certain situations… and which are not.

We will share with you in the future the significant information that is provided by HFI and keep you current with environmental developments .

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We’re Walking the Walk!

Each day Cavalier strives to bring our customers  the most current and comprehensive information for environmental excellence in cleaning and facility maintenance. 

ISSA Green Clean University LogoTo accomplish this goal, we reach out to a variety of resources for our continued training, education, and certification.  We thought we’d share with you a few of the organizations we are involved with for environmental excellence.

Cavalier has completed training by the ISSA Green Clean University and has the designation of ISSA Green Cleaning Professional.  Included in this education is the completion of courses and successfully passing exams on a number of green cleaning subjects ,including how to conduct a green building audit and bundling a comprehensive solution that goes beyond just green cleaners, but includes  paper, liners, proper matting, training and support programs.

CIMS certificationOur officers are CIMS I.C.E. certified so we can now assist our customers in becoming CIMS certified.  CIMS applies to the management, operations, performance systems, and processes of facility management.  Ultiimately, CIMS is all about saving money by implementing and effective management framework nad green cleaning program.  Cavalier is now trained to be your partner in achieving CIMS.

USGBC logoCavalier is an active member of the Hampton Roads Green Building Council, the local chapter for the US Green Building Council. We join them in the promotion of sustainable building practices through educational programs and endorsement of LEED green building rating sytem. 

Don’t miss the upcoming Green in the Military (GIM4) event on Feb. 27 at the VA Beach Convention center.  They also have an active calendar for the entire year.

Green Clean Institute CertifiedAdditionally, Cavalier, Inc. is now Green Clean Institute certified!  In fact, we hold several Green Clean Institute certifications. We are a Green Clean Institute Certified Firm, as well as our company officers completing the Green Clean Institute Certification program for Executives and our staff completing the Green Clean Institute Technician certification process.

Watch for more announcements about Cavalier’s educational activities and green certifications throughout 2013.

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 Increasing Profit Margins for Small BSCs

money in broomIt is no longer about just cleaning …  it is also about cleaning for health.

For our small contractors, it is also about profitability.

At Cavalier, Inc. we understand small cleaning contractors and the challenges they face. 

As one of our small cleaning contractors says:

"Cavalier Inc. truly takes education and health seriously. They make me feel as important as a large school system in the way, and time, they take to make sure I understand the process. I have never received that kind of attention from other companies I have dealt with."

We realize that small contractors often rely on RTU because of their small budgets and upfront cost concerns.  We’ve found two viable dilution control options to RTU for our customers that, in the long term, will benefit their profit margins and overall labor savings.

Both of these dilution control options can be used “on the run” or “off the wall.” The Eco-Concepts 300 is a great option for portable cleaning with packaging specific to hospitality and/or healthcare. The dilution system does not require special measuring cups, bottles, tips, or apparatus.

The Multi-Task System streamlines cleaning with 19 cleaning concentrates and eight different dispensing options to fit your particular needs.  It offers eight different dilution options that will address any small contractor cleaning situation. 

"I learn something new, literally, every time I walk into Cavalier,” says another of our small contractors. “Most of the time it is so important, it makes me late to other appointments.”

Call us today and see how we can make your business more profitable!

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Cavalier Creates Unique Tailor Fit Trash Liner System --
Solves Fit, Performance, Cost Issues

Cavalier Tailor Fit ProgramFor decades distributors have been selling - and customers have been buying - liners that are too large for the receptacles in their facilities.

To tackle this problem, Cavalier conducted our own research to create a fool-proof approach to assuring the right liner-fit in receptacles. 

We joined with Aluf Manufacturing and developed a Tailor Fit Trash Liner System for our customers.  Using this system, we are able to match specific-sized liners to snugly fit corresponding receptacles of all manufacturers and sizes, eliminate tie-off, reduce plastic waste in landfills, and decrease costs.

As an example, many customers use the 44-gallon round Rubbermaid Brute in their facilities.  The most common liner purchased for this receptacle (for heavy-weight trash), is the low density 38” x 58” liner.

Applying our Tailor Fit Trash Liner System, we recommend purchasing a 37” x 48” liner, thus reducing the liner’s width by an inch and the length by 10”.  Since liner prices are based on weight, the customer can expect to see a 20% savings per case. 

The liners fit snugly around the circumference of the receptacle, saving time and labor costs by ending the troublesome bag tie-off.

Not only does the customer save financially, but also acts in an environmentally responsible manner.  By eliminating the excess film to manufacture the bag, less plastic waste goes into incinerators or landfills.

To easily implement our Tailor Fit Trash Liner System, we have created a receptacle survey form, which allows our reps to work with our customer to identify the type of receptacle and appropriate corresponding liner to not only fit the receptacle, but fit the need of the trash being disposed.

Cavalier is implementing our Tailor Fit Trash Liner System in the Norfolk Public Schools.  In the first year it is projected the total savings in liner purchases will be $15,000.

Additionally, staff no longer is fumbling with excess tie-off on every liner, saving additional labor time.  Yet, the performance has not been compromised as we have maintained the same thickness and integrity of the liner used before while reducing their carbon footprint through reducing landfill waste.

Now, that’s value!

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Cavalier’s CANISTER Conversion Recommendation Pays Off for Local University

Cavalier Henry Canister VacuumCavalier Inc. has been promoting canister and back pack vacuums instead of traditional uprights for some time.  A local university discovered why we endorse so strongly making the switch. 

After our consultation addressing the many benefits of using a canister, and plotting the path to “changing the culture,” this local campus decided to give the Numatic Henry PV 390 a chance.

This particular model is a top selling hospitality vacuum for its many benefits, including TwinFlo vacuum technology that improves performance, prolongs operating life and significantly lowers the  operating sound level.

There are no beater bars, which were originally created for use on high pile, residential carpet. Additionally, there are no belts to replace.  When the AutoSave function is switched on, it immediately reduces the power requirements by 50%.  To assure high air quality control, it contains a HEPAFlo filtration, which also assures a clean and convenient disposal system.

Many maintenance professionals enjoy having the caddy attachment to hold their primary cleaning sprayers, brushes, and cloths.

In the past, we sold a popular upright.  Not a single week went by without a call for repair work or parts.  If there wasn’t a problem with the belts or beater bars, it would be cord replacement or another broken part or operating problem.
After a “test drive” with the Henry, the maintenance crew was convinced that the canister was hands-down the best choice.  Since that initial purchase, they have purchased at least 20 more units. And not one call for a part replacement or service call yet!

The university is sold … and claims they will “never buy another upright vacuum.” 

And for us … we’re still waiting for a single problem  to crop up with any of our Henry canisters.

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