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Water Lift: Comparing Portable Carpet Extractors

Cleaning More Carpet, More Effectively

Wiping Hands Clean of Paper-Towel Transmitted Bacteria

ISSA - Young Executives Society

Healthy Schools Campaign

HFI – Premier Informational Resource for Green Cleaning

Green Clean Institute Offers Unique Education/Certification

Revolutionary Air Purifier: Cleans Mold, Bacteria & Viruses

Not All Disinfectant Wipes Are The Same

Going Green with Floor Strippers


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Pacific S-28 Delivers Dual-Use Orbital Scrubbing

Pacific S-28 Orbital scrubberPut an end to the debate of purchasing equipment for dry, “chemical-free stripping” versus a multi-purpose auto scrubber with Pacific’s S-28 Orbital Scrubber.

The industry is starting to refer to “chemical-free stripping” as “orbital scrub and re-coating” as technically it is not possible to completely strip a floor without using a chemical.  Why?  Because in this process, an abrasive pad physically grinds and pulverizes the floor finish for removal.  The process does not chemically break the bond or cross-linking of the polymer and metal in the floor finish, thus enabling complete removal.

Additionally, floors are uneven, so a flat orbital pad cannot reach low areas.  Thus, finish is left behind in the lower areas of the floor that are not reached.

Multi-Clean Diagram Orbital Stripping However, many facilities feel this dry, “chemical-free” process works for them and choose to implement it.

An option to dry chemical-free stripping or “orbital scrub and recoating” is using a “wet” process.  This uses a scrubber equipped with very abrasive pads (to obtain the aggressive pulverizing action) combined with the use of neutral cleaner at a dilution rate of 1:256.  We see stunning results using this process that eliminates strong chemicals but still delivers a more complete removal of old finish.

Now, you can have one machine that performs both wet and dry orbital scrub and re-coating, as well as everyday scrubbing.  Pacific’s S-28 Orbital Scrubber meets the demand for versatility from an orbital scrubber.  If you choose to implement dry chemical-free scrubbing, it will do the job. 

If you opt for using a neutral cleaner to break the chemical bond of the old floor finish, the machine performs flawlessly with many features making it easy and effective.  If you need an everyday autoscrubber, just use less aggressive pads with your choice of cleaner, and the machine transforms into an everyday scrubber.

> Read more about the Pacific S-28 Orbital Scrubber
> View video on Pacific S-28 features

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Water Lift: Comparing Portable Carpet Extractors

Compare the water lift of carpet extractorsThe other day we had a call from a customer who was disappointed in the performance of a carpet extractor he had purchased at a local “big box” store. He had not considered some of the important specifications that provide insight in regards to performance.

When considering portable extractors, we would advise that you look at two factors that will impact the overall cleaning performance and dry times: water lift and PSI.

Water lift is how far a machine can pull water up a tube; the higher the number, the better. Similarly, the higher the PSI number (pounds per square inch), the more powerful the machine. 
Don’t be surprised to discover that consumer-type products provide lower waterlift and PSI compared to commercial machines. 

As an example:

Model Water lift PSI
Cavalier's Dual Vacuum Motor Extractor 160" 100 PSI
Cavalier's Karcher 46/38C 117" 100 PSI
Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Wide Track 101" 32 PSI

Additional factors to consider include the capacity of the tanks, the brush size, and accessories. Our favorite extractor provides a generous 10 gallon detergent solution and recovery tank and a convenient 18” brush. Accessories are available for spot, stair and furniture cleaning with easily accessible ports. The Karcher 46/38C stores easily with a fold-down handle and overall dimensions of 35”Lx17.5”Wx47”H. 

Also impacting the cleaning performance of an extractor is the type of cleaning chemicals used and the effectiveness of a pre-spray procedure.

> Read more about Karcher 46/38C

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Cleaning More Carpet, More Effectively  

Time is money.  We all know that labor is the most expensive line item in any cleaning budget so every opportunity to increase productivity will reflect positively on the bottom line.

Have you considered how your equipment can impact your labor time? 

As an example, using a backpack with a 12-inch carpet tool will enable you to cover almost 124% more carpeted square feet per hour compared to using a 12-inch upright. 

Here are some interesting comparisons from ISSA:

Carpet Pre-Treatment Equipment Carpet Pre-Treatment Equipment Carpet Pre-Treatment Equipment
Using an electric sprayer will cover over 13,200 sq. ft. / hour vs. a pump sprayer that covers just over 5,880 sq.ft. A 28-inch self-contained machine will cover over 5,000 sq. ft. / hr. vs. a 16-inch self-contained extractor that covers just over 2,000 sq.ft./hr. Strap on a backpack vacuum and cover over 7,200 sq. ft./hr. vs. pushing an upright which covers just over 2,200 sq. ft. / hr.

Interested in hearing more about how to reduce your labor time?  Give us a call for a free evaluation of your current carpet cleaning program.

> Download full carpet cleaning equipment comparison flyer

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Wiping Hands Clean of Paper-Towel Transmitted Bacteria

Cascades-anti-bacterial-towelHow “clean” are unused a paper towels?  For the most part, one would say if a paper towel is fresh out of the box and has not been used by another person, that it is pretty sanitary.

For that reason, many were surprised by a study published in the American Journal of Infection Control that found bacteria lurking on unused, “new” paper towels. 

The most common strain discovered as Bacillus (83.0%), a bacteria associated with food poisoning.  It is important to note that there were no illnesses connected to these paper towels, nor was any bacteria discovered to be airborne during use.  However, the bacteria was easily transferred to disposable nitrile gloves when drying hands with the towels, indicating bacteria could  be transferred to human hands.

With that study in mind, we are very excited about carrying a new product, the Cascades Antibacterial Paper Towel. 

Unlike ordinary paper towels, it almost instantly kills over 99.99 percent of harmful bacteria. It compensates for people’s imperfect hand washing habits and provides that extra layer of hand cleaning security.

This remarkable towel works overtime, as it sticks with you after drying your hands.  It helps you get out of the door “germ free” as the antibacterial protection “coats” your hands and allows you to use the door handle with confidence.

Over 3,000 business executives, academics and leaders in product development, design, engineering, science and medicine are as excited as we are … this Spring they awarded this antibacterial paper towel the prestigious Gold honors in the Edison Awards Consumer Packaged Goods: Cleaning Solution category.

And the best part for anyone interested in greening their facility … the towels are green colored.

> Read press release on Cascades’ Edison Award

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ISSA – Young Executive Society

ISSA-YES-programISSA’s Young Executive Society (YES) is focused on providing education and networking opportunities for younger professionals in the janitorial and maintenance supply industry. 

The YES group provides a forum to obtain valuable leadership skills for young executives and the chance to learn from seasoned experts.  At the same time, it provides a pathway to identify and research emerging technologies, present concepts to the ISSA board, and promote these concepts to the ISSA membership.

In conjunction with ISSA/Interclean North America, members of YES can attend a networking reception and Career Coach seminar.  The YES Professional Development Program offers an opportunity to further explore leadership training and hone management skills while building strong industry relationships. This year it was held in Chicago, IL with two days of sessions addressing management challenges and career advancement.

YES members receive an array of additional benefits including regular YES e-Newsletter with tips, resources, and special YES-member discounts for ISSA educational products.

As the JanSan industry continues to evolve and provide innovative products and approaches to providing clean and healthy facility management, it is encouraging to see a new generation of leadership emerging and that the ISSA is providing a pathway for meaningful contributions to the association’s continued industry support.

> Learn more about ISSA Young Executive Society

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Healthy Schools Campaign

Healthy Schools CampaignThe Healthy Schools Campaign seeks to teach parents, teachers, administrators, community leaders, students and other stakeholders the many ways to advocate for children to have “fresh air, healthy food, and physical activity to shape their lifelong learning and health.”

In the 11 years it has been in existence, they have built an impressive number of programs including:

  • Fit to Learn: Promoting how to integrate wellness into the daily school and classroom  experience
  • School Nurse Leadership: Creation of the School Nurse Leadership Training program, which is preparing nurses to make changes for school health
  • Green Clean Schools: Providing guidance to schools on how to clean for health to protect students, custodial staff, increase facility and furniture lifespan, preserve the environment and save money
  • Indoor Air Quality:  Providing the training, tools and leadership development opportunities on air quality and environmental health issues for school nurses, parents, teachers, principals, public officials, and other professionals.
  • Cooking up Change: A program that challenges high school culinary students across the country to re-write the recipe for school food.

We are honored to support the efforts of the Healthy School Campaign in what-ever way we can, and we encourage you to check out the wealth of information on their website.

> Read more about Healthy Schools Campaign

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HFI – Premier Informational Resource for Green Cleaning

Healthy Facilities Institute logoHealthy Facilities Institute (HFI) is a resource you will want to bookmark and visit often! 

HFI is a virtual clearing house of green cleaning resources and information, all categorized by industry and areas of interest.  The Institute has also embarked on a multi-year strategy to promote peer-review of marketing claims to enable greater transparency and validity in product promotion.

The content areas of interest that contain industry information include: materials, cleaning, maintenance, operations, restoration and innovation.  Industry categories include healthcare, hotels, industrial, offices, restaurants, and schools.  Additionally, the site has information organized by topic areas, including: health, indoor air quality, indoor environment, schools, cleaning, safety, mold, asthma, moisture and cleaning products … to name a few.

To share with you an example of its information resources, a recent article posted on the HFI website informs readers about the “Top Ten Green Building MegaTrends for 2013.”

This article notes that the trend towards building green is increasing every year, and there are over 50,000 LEED projects currently underway.  Some of the MegaTrends noted include a focus on existing buildings (LEED O+M), green buildings being managed in the “cloud”, and an anticipated increase in local and state governments stepping up their mandates for green buildings in both the public and private sectors.

> Visit the Healthy Facilities Institute and review its body of information

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Green Clean Institute Offers Unique Education/Certification

GCI logo“Changing the Notion about Cleaning for Health”

Looking for third party certification that shows you are educated in green cleaning?  The Green Clean Institute (GCI) focuses purely on cleaning and the proven green cleaning practices.  Its courses explain the fundamentals of green cleaning that can be applied in any facility maintenance cleaning program. You learn about green cleaning best practices as well as the fundamentals behind the green cleaning processes.

GCI’s  educational courses and programs are particularly well-suited for adult workers in the janitorial and custodial industry and are set-up for online course work, which fits easily into the schedules of working professionals. 

The courses are conducted by professionals with many years of experience
in facility maintenance and green cleaning.  Upon completion of the coursework, the participant receives certification and the ability to use the Green Clean Institute in any marketing activities.

GCI also offers webinars that further reinforce green cleaning practices and the educational aspects of green products and procedures.  As an example, the Greening Carpet Care Webinar can be accessed online. 

In this webinar, GCI president David Thompson provides an excellent review of the best practices for carpet care and the best green options.  This webinar is only a part of what can be learned about this basic (and neglected) cleaning service.

Other webinars include:

  • What is Green Cleaning
  • Greening Infection Prevention
  • Understanding Microfiber

> Check out GCI’s webinars

> Visit the GCI website

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Revolutionary Air Purifier: Cleans Mold, Bacteria & Viruses

Imagine knowing the air in your workplace is the healthiest it has ever been … fresh, odorless, and practically free of mold, bacteria, and viruses.   Yes.  That’s right.  Air that is almost free of common mold, bacteria, and viruses.

Then image that this incredible purification process is due to a small machine that operates almost silently as you go about your everyday business.

Sound impossible?  We thought so too, until we found the Puradigm 1500 and 3000.  These air purifiers cleanse odors as well as practically eliminating mold, bacteria and viruses from the air.

  It is not just the manufacturer making this claim ... check out the test results from top universities and institutes.

The product benefits of the Active PCO Advanced (Photo Catalytic Oxidation)Technology used in these air purifiers include:

  • Significantly Reduces Mold, Bacteria and Viruses
  • Eliminates Smoke and Odors – Doesn’t Cover Them Up
  • Needlepoint Ion Generation
  • Ultra-Quiet with Variable Fan Speeds
  • Washable Rear Filters
  • Away Mode (Goes Off After 2 Hours)
  • Full Function Remote Control
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Universal AC/DC Power Supply
  • Replaceable Advanced Cell and Purification Plate
  • University Tested and Validated
  • Designed and Assembled in the USA

The devices are effective in decreasing levels of:

  • Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus-Aureus (MRSA)
  • Norwalk Virus 2
  • Clostridium difficle ATCC-17858 (C-Diff)
  • Listeria
  • Stachybotrys Chartarum
  • Streptococcus Pneumoniae (Strep)
  • Escherichia Coli (e-Coli)
  • Staphylococcus Aureus (Staph)
  • Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)

These air purifiers are ideal for many venues including: Restaurants, Of­fices, Hotels, Casinos, Hospitals, Schools, Nursing Homes, Manufacturing, Animal Facilities, Transportation, and Power Plants.

The Puradigm Air 1500

The Puradigm Air 1500 has been university tested and proven effective against both airborne and surface contaminants in indoor environments up to 1,500 square feet. This compact unit is perfect for homes, apartments, dorm rooms, small offices, classrooms, and more.  It measures just 6.75” high x 6.5” wide  x 7” deep and weighs just three pounds.

Puradigm Air 3000
The Puradigm Air 3000 utilizes four synergistic technologies to duplicate Nature's purification processes. Featuring Puradigm’s Air Technology, the Puradigm Air 3000 has been university tested and proven effective against both airborne and surface contaminants in indoor environments up to 3,000 square feet. It measures just 12” high x 9” wide  x 12” deep and weighs 16 pounds.

> Visit the Puradigm website 

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Not All Disinfectant Wipes Are The Same

Monk Disinfectant ToweletteDisinfecting wipes have become the most convenient way to rid surfaces of communicable disease.  They can effectively kill pathogens while being easy-to-use. 

A simple pull of the wipe from the container provides an immediate disinfecting tool that is ready-to-use.  Pre-treated disinfectant wipers contain the correct amount of solution so there is no mixing or measuring.  After wiping the surface, the wipe is discarded, thus decreasing any possibility of cross-contamination with other cloths or cleaning items.

Disinfecting wipes are perfect for many facilities, such as gyms, day care centers, nursing homes, medical offices, restaurants, and schools.  Basically, they are perfect for anywhere there is a need for a fast, effective disinfecting wipe. They are excellent for disinfecting high-touch surfaces such as door knobs, telephones, keyboards, gym equipment, diaper changing tables, and exam tables.

But a word to those responsible for disinfecting a facility’s surfaces … not all disinfectant wipes are the same.  You need to be aware of the specific pathogens the disinfecting wipes are registered with the EPA to be effective against … and that way, be assured you are delivering the kill efficacy your facility requires.

Cavalier carries Monk Disinfecting Wipes because they deliver a more impressive “kill” performance than other leading national brands at a more affordable price. 

For example, Monk Disinfecting Wipes are registered with the EPA to be effective on 45 different pathogens, while Clorox and Lysol are registered to kill just 6. Additionally, Monk is effective against MRSA, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV, whereas the other two national brands are not. 

Additionally, Monk Disinfecting Wipes basically do “double duty” as they are registered effective in the presence of 5% serum contamination (blood).  Neither Clorox or Lysol wipes can make that claim.

But strength is not the only MONK advantage … the wipes are also alcohol-free and are available in sizes needed in institutional use ... a full 800 count container.

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Going Green with Floor Strippers

Getting the right combination of stripping power and environmental sensitivity has been a goal for chemical manufacturers for some time.  Over the years, we have tested and rejected many green floor stripper and finish options because we felt they did not deliver the performance our customers require.

But green chemistry has come a long way … and Cavalier is now confident to offer Green Options Floor Stripper and Green Options Sealer and Finish; both are Green Seal Certified. 

Green Seal Logo

Green Floor Stripper
This Green Seal certified floor stripping concentrate provides the power to strip normal amounts of finishes and sealers with a quick penetration of soil, sealers, finishes and waxes.  There is a very low odor to the non-butyl formuation that is solvent-free and DfE recognized for safer chemistry.

The Green Options Floor Stripper can be used on hard floors, with the exception of linoleum, tile in poor condition, wood, or painted surfaces. There is no need for respiratory PPE under normal circumstances.

Green Options Floor Sealer / Finish
Get a high gloss, durable finish with this Green Seal certified sealer manufactured without heavy metals, phthalates, aklylphenol ethoxylates and ozone-depleting compounds.  Formulated with a proprietary polymer, this self-sealing acrylic finish was extensively field tested by the manufacturer and withstood the most severe traffic conditions.

The finish will fit into just about any maintenance program, from integrating easily into low maintenance, conventional or high speed programs.

We were most impressed with the high gloss delivered by this product … it’s shine and leveling is equal to other top quality floor finishes.  And … it stands up to repeated cleanings and burnishings.

Green Seal Certification
Both these products are Green Seal certified under the organization’s GS-40 Floor-Care Products for Industrial and Institutional Use Standard.  This standard was developed specficially for floor strippers and finishes, and includes both product performance and environmental/health requirements.

Product Performance Standards
Green Seal set high standards for performance of any product bearing the Green Seal GS-40 certification.  This assures you obtain performance that is equals or surpasses traditional strippers and finish products.

Some of those performance requirements are:
Slip Resistance: Green Seal certified floor finish products shall have a static coefficient of friction of at least 0.5

The floor finish and compatible stripper shall achieve a removal ease rating of “good” as measured by ASTM D1792-82, Standard Test Method for Long-Term Removability Properties of Floor Polishes

Soil Resistance: The floor finish shall perform as well as a nationally recognized product.
Detergent Resistance: The floor finish shall demonstrate minimal deterioration by achieving a detergent resistance rating of “very good”, as measured by ASTM D3207-92, Standard Test Method for Detergent Resistance of Floor Polish Films

Some of the toxicity requirements are:

Toxic Compounds:  The undiluted product shall not be toxic to humans. 

Corrosiveness:  The undiluted product shall not be corrosive to the skin or eyes.  Dispensing-system concentrates shall be tested as used.  The undiluted product shall not be corrosive to the skin, or eyes.

Flammability:  The undiluted product or 99% by volume of the product ingredients shall have a flashpoint above 150°F.

Air Quality:  The product as used shall not contain substances that contribute significantly to the production of photochemical smog, tropospheric ozone, or poor indoor-air quality.

Toxicity to Aquatic Life:  The product as used shall not be toxic to aquatic life.

Eutrophication:  Phosphates and phosphonates shall not be present in the product as used in quantities above 0.5% by weight of total phosphorus.

Aquatic Biodegradability:  Each of the organic ingredients in the product as used shall exhibit ready biodegradability in accordance with the OECD definition, except for the polymer, wax, and/or resin portion of a floor finish. 

Packaging:  The primary package shall be recyclable

Prohibited Ingredients:  The product shall not contain the following ingredients:

  • Alkylphenol ethoxylates
  • Phthalates
  • Zinc or other heavy metals, including arsenic, lead, cadmium, cobalt, chromium, mercury, nickel, selenium 
  • Optical brighteners
  • Ozone-depleting compounds 

Fragrances:  Manufacturers shall identify any fragrances on their material safety data sheets. 

> Read more about our full environmentally friendly line of maintenance products. 

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